Don’t judge a book by its cover. Or a plastic tub.
It may not seem exciting to sponsor something like this, but look deeper. There are dozens of expenses involved in organizing and holding this event, and with 100% of all proceeds after expenses being donated to the Ava Wood Scholarship Fund, that means that every sponsored expense increases the amount we can donate.
With the outpouring of interest in helping to support Ava’s Colorful Soles event and fund, we’ve created a “Wish List” page of items we’re purchasing for the event. You can also choose to make a monetary donation which will be used to create amazing raffle baskets or cover other incidentals.
Oh, and these tubs? Imagine them loaded with ice and bottles of cool, refreshing spring water. Envision all the powder-coated participants enjoying the hydration you helped provide. See? You’re not just sponsoring boring ol’ tubs…you’re sponsoring refreshment!