Come prepared! The Colorful Soles Fun Run will feature SEVEN vibrant color stations where runners will be splashed with colored powder as they pass.
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, and Purple powder will cover participants (and volunteers) from head to toe. Not only from the run, but from AFTER the run when we all come together for the massive group color throw at the end!
Depending on the tier you reach, you’ll be provided with a race shirt, sunglasses, and a bandana to wear, but know that anything you wear WILL be coated in color…shorts, pants, socks, shoes.
Most will just dust right off and a normal washing will take care of the rest, but still, it’ll depend on the fabric, so don’t wear anything precious to you. ?
We promise…it’ll be an absolute blast. And as far as how much color will be on site? We took what was recommended based on the number of participants and then DOUBLED it. So yeah, you’re gonna be vibrant! Plan accordingly. ?